A Brief Guide to Opera VPN

A Brief Guide to Opera VPN - Post Thumbnail

If you use the Opera browser, you probably have its built-in VPN extension. The browser now offers to surf the Internet in a safer and more protected way. The best thing about it is that it’s free. It doesn’t have any speed or traffic limits. Let’s find out more about this innovation and if it’s really helpful for safe online browsing.

A brief overview

Opera VPN is free but it’s not the only benefit of the extension. Surprising enough, it works with Netflix. Far from all paid VPN providers deliver this feature. So, hands down, it’s a great tool if you wish to unlock Netflix in your region.

Another great thing is the ease of using the program. In order to set it up, you don’t need to download it or go through a login process. When you get Opera browser, the feature is already a part of the bundle. To activate it, you simply open the Settings and mark the paragraph with a VPN. You can see it working as soon as you open any website. There will be a small blue sign of VPN next to the search bar.

Opera VPN offers to pick from 3 locations:

1. The Americas,

2. Asia,

3. Europe.

As you see, the choice differs greatly from the paid VPNs that allow picking a certain country and even server in it. Yet, this is more than enough for the average users.

Opera’s privacy policy is very transparent and states harmless logging.

On the other hand, not everything is so great about Opera VPN. There are quite a few drawbacks to it. They include:

• Unclear jurisdiction.

• It works as a proxy, not a VPN. So the name is deceiving.

• Works only as an extension to a browser.

• Leaks were detected.

• Cuts down the speeds a lot.

• Doesn’t support torrenting.

• Limited features and lack of extra tools.

You should mind that this VPN doesn’t use OpenVPN protocol. Instead, it uses a proxy to encrypt your data. It is less secure.

What should you do when it’s not working?

In case you face a situation when Opera VPN is not working, you can try some easy solutions.

1. The easiest thing is to restart the VPN. It might be just a glitch or a bug. As soon as you restart it, the problem should be solved. Restart your browser and turn on a VPN again.

2. While there are only 3 locations to pick from, you can still try changing them. If one server doesn’t work, you may simply pick a different one. Just press on the VPN icon and change the virtual location at the bottom of the window.

3. There might be some issues with a VPN if your browser is not up-to-date. Check the version and update if necessary. Disabling the extensions can also come in handy and help you fix the VPN connection.

4. The problems with a VPN can be caused by a firewall or antivirus software. If there is a chance your antivirus mistakes the Opera VPN for malware, you need to eliminate this problem. The easiest way to do it is by making an exception and marking Opera as safe software.

The verdict on Opera VPN

Is it the best VPN provider? No. Can it be helpful? Yes, definitely. While Opera VPN is not even a VPN but more of a proxy, it still delivers more protection than the complete lack of such a program. It works only as an extension but manages to unblock Netflix and some other streaming services. If you need a VPN to cover all your devices and bring more features, you should look for some reliable paid options. In case you need a free solution, Opera VPN may be the one.