With the rise of technologies more and more corporations, specifically, its directors, start to think about further prospects that will be possible with state-of-the-art technologies. However, they may face difficulties as they do not have enough skills to make an informed choice. Today you are going to reach the best […]

Have you ever wondered about resources that can stimulate changes in your simple business working environment? Probably not yet as you are not sure of its importance. Today we are going to change your point of view and present profound analyses about board portals and all topic that connects this […]

AV-Test: Reliable Testing of Antivirus Solutions The AV-Test Institute has published new results of the official antivirus test. In 2019, antivirus programs showed rather conflicting results. So, when a program scores 10 or more points, an AV-Test certificate is issued. The worst score for one criterion or another – 0.0; […]