Turbo VPN: General Overview and Peculiarities

Turbo VPN: General Overview and Peculiarities - Post Thumbnail

Whenever you need enhanced security, complete anonymity or a restricted website, a VPN is your best solution. The technology has tons of benefits and useful features. However, to enjoy them all, you should be attentive and pick among the best VPN providers. This choice is going to have a huge impact on your experience. When you need a VPN for your smartphone, you should check out Turbo VPN. It is a well-known VPN provider. Let’s find out more about it as well as how secure it is to use this service.

The general description of the app

First of all, you should realize that this is a big company. It serves to over 10 million users worldwide. One of the most outstanding features is a simple, user-friendly interface. The minimalistic style shows you only a sitting rabbit and a carrot. Press on the carrot and the connection is established while the rabbit is running. That’s it. When the rabbit lies down, you can safely browse the Internet.

Turbo VPN offers 24/7 support. You can find the answers you need via automated and artificial customer support. Besides, you can get a response to your specific question within 2 hours.

This VPN provider delivers lots of advantages to your smartphone:

1. You may watch videos everywhere.

2. A dedicated server to use for Netflix.

3. Guaranteed anonymity.

4. A possibility to unblock restricted content and websites.

5. Secure Wi-Fi connection even when using public Wi-Fi spots.

The app offers free unlimited data meaning there will be no limits on the amount of content you can access. However, it’s important to mind that the speed may become slower a bit. Aside from slow connection speed, the software has several other issues like questionable logging policy, the lack of a kill switch.

How secure Turbo VPN is?

Turbo VPN delivers high-quality to your online activities. First of all, the dual data encryption transmission technology makes sure the data cannot be revealed to any third-party sources. Besides, the VPN provider prevents all sorts of leaks lest your data is stolen by hackers or identity thieves.

The leak-free experience ensures your data will stay safe even if you use public Wi-Fi spots. OpenVPN protocol and government-level AES 256-bit encryption is the most secure combination.

The independent tests have proved that there will be no leaks and the app will protect your IP address.

This VPN provider also has dedicated Netflix servers but only in the VIP Program. You should also keep in mind that the free version is not only limited but has ads. The company needs to make money on you somehow.

Which OC does Turbo VPN support?

The software is developed in China for mobile users only. It can work on Android and iOS. Download and install the system in a few steps using the App Store or Play Market. Mind that this VPN doesn’t support torrenting. The pricing policy is quite average. You can get a monthly plan and pay about $12 per month or get an annual plan and save 75%. The annual option cuts the price down to $3 per month.

The users can greatly benefit from a 7-day free trial period. It’s the time to test the app in full without any limitations. You can use it to drive to your conclusion about this VPN provider. All in all, if you need a VPN provider to cover all your household devices, this won’t be your perfect option. In case you need it for your smartphone only, test the app and see how suitable it is for you.